It is the ticket that, 


  • Delivered in the electronic environment to the recipient,
  • Created as electronic document,
  • Kept and Submitted in the electronic environment. 


With the use of e-Ticket, companies that transport passengers on land or on the sea, in intercity and international routes can send the passenger lists and ticket data that they are obliged to send GIB, in the electronic environment. Moreover, e-Ticket can also be used for events like cinema, theatre, concerts, sports games and suchlike.

  • Information about the ticket and the passenger lists are kept in the electronic environment, and that reduces the paper consumption and carbon footprint. 
  • Second copy of the tickets can be kept in electronic environment; paper and storage costs reduce. 
  • Companies can easily transfer the data they are supposed to transfer to GIB easily in the electronic environment. 
  • Electronic ticket has no risks like getting lost, being stolen or being forgotten. 
  • Passengers are not obliged to submit the printed ticket. 
  • Electronic ticket data cannot be changed and are legally legitimate. 
  • Second copies of the tickets can be reached for 10 years easily. 

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