e-Ledger is the system that enables that the general journal and general ledger, that are obligatory to have according to Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Code of Commerce to be; 

  • Created,
  • Saved,
  • Kept,
  • Submitted,

in the stated format and standards, and guarantees its equability, integrity and resource accuracy by the electronic signature and time stamp.

  • The processes of printing, approval and cargo are eliminated; costs are reduced. 
  • Operations can be done independent of place. 
  • It is created fast; loss of time reduced. 
  • Because there is no physical archive, problems like getting lost or destruction disappear. 
  • It creates savings on the workforce and efficiency. 
  • Human error will be eliminated. 
  • Supervisions can be made in the electronic environment, fast and easily. 
  • It is easy to access to the current financial situation information. 
  • It offers a common format and standard for audits and information sharing between institutions. 
  • It saves paper. 
  • Informal economy is prohibited. 
  • It enables preview and control possibilities in the e-Ledger data that comes from ERP/Accounting system. 
  • e-Ledger records that finalized within approval mechanism can be screened on a different environment. 
  • Special financial period can be defined. 
  • For the e-Ledgers that has to be submitted in the legal time period, it warns the users about the approach of the end of the legal period. 
  • It can create dynamic reports. 
  • It is integrated with corporate applications and commercial software. It precludes the disconnections in financial processes. 
  • It can create reports in the XBRL format that is valid in international standards. 
  • Approved ledgers and warrants are archived safely for the 10 years legal period. 

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