Has the same legal qualities as the paper invoice, that can be sent, received, kept and submitted.

Invoices are sent and received between companies that are registered to the e-Invoice system through Revenue Administration.

Printing, cargo and archive processes cease to exist, costs are reduced.


It is created fast; loss of time reduced.


Because there is no physical archiving, there is no need for storage. 


Invoicing and agreement processes are shortened and cash flow becomes easy. 


It saves workforce and brings efficiency. 


Submittance of invoices become easy. 


It enables preservation security, makes old invoices easy to reach. 


Content of the invoice cannot be changed; it is secure. 


Informal economy is prohibited. 


It is compatible with accounting systems.


It saves paper and is sensitive to environmental issues. 

  • Electronic invoice can be created on every occasion that a paper invoice should be used. 


  • It gives you to create limitless e-Invoices every month. 


  • It is integrated with corporate applications and commercial software. It prevents disconnections in financial processes. 


  • It is open for use in the design of invoices compatible with corporate identities. 


  • It is suitable with the processes of grouping the invoices, with the features of creating an approval hierarchy, instruction and authorization of users. 


  • It archives the binvoices in the legal time period. 

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