e-Archive Invoicing

  • e-Archive Invoicing is a service that enables the electronic bills to be;
  • Sent
  • to the end users and taxpayers who are not registered to the e-Invoice system,
  • Creation
  • Preservation
  • and
  • Submittence
  • of the second copies of the bills and relevant documents for 10 years.  

With e-Invoice, a certain part of the invoicing process of the firms will be transferred to electronic environment, and with the start of e-Archive Invoicing service, the whole invoice process would be transferred to electronic environment.

  • It is not obligatory for the receiving part to be an e-Invoice user, end users also can receive e-Archive Invoicing. 
  • It is integrated with corporate applications and commercial software. It inhibits disconnections in financial processes. 
  • Because invoices are kept in the electronic environment, physical archive costs are removed. 
  • Because there is no physical archive, problems like getting lost or being damaged dissapear. 
  • Invoices that are transferred in the electronic environment, reach the receiver fast and the cost of posting will dissapear. 
  • Savings and efficiency in workforce is obtained. 
  • Because the invoice is not printed, it saves paper and contribute to environmental protection. 
  • The distinction between e-Invoice and paper invoice will be gone and all invoices can be collected and managed under one process. 
  • You can reach your data any time, fast and easy. 
  • It is possible to send invoices in the electronic environment. 
  • Because of the mobile invoices, you can reach your invoices through all smart phones and tablets, create invoices wherever you want. 
  • You can work online and offline. 
  • With the mobile application, it works compatible with barcode, product code, prices and campaign information.  
  • Second copies of e-Archive Invocing are stored safely for 10 years. 
  • The process of query in the past invoices gets easy. 
  • It enables to print bulk invoices. 
  • It is suitable for retail and online sales. 
  • e-Archive Invoicing reports can be automatically transferred to GIB system. 

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